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It is often said that our gut is our second brain.  This is because there is a very meaningful  connection between our gut health and our brain health.  Our guts contain billions of microorganisms that can be both health supportive or destructive to our general health and to mental health.  Furthermore, within the digestive tract, there are millions of neurons that we will sense when we our stressed our nervous and our physiological responses  get sent directly from our guts to our brain , influencing our state of mind.  By supporting a healthy eco-system in the gut, we can ​set ourselves up of success!  

I work with clients who are looking to improve their symptoms when living with chronic conditions.    With my focus on improving gut health, I offer compassionate advice for  people, like myself,  who are dealing with digestive disorders.  I help them to have a clearer understanding of their reactions to food and how to eat well to achieve a more balanced lifestyle.

In our nutrition sessions together, we can:

  • Develop a personalized wellness plan

  • Outline the best and worst foods for you 

  • Discuss and find solutions to any obstacles you may be facing

  • Discuss any questions around particular foods 


Wellness plans and food lists all take into consideration your:


  • your condition

  • your lifestyle

  • your food preferences

  • your level of comfort in the kitchen

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